“The Mellifluous Peculiars”


“The Mellifluous Peculiars” is an animated abecedarium short film series I am working on. It is a series of very short films (most will be less than 2 minutes in length) each about a different character. I started working on the series in 2016 with the idea of creating one film per alphabet character thus consisting of 26 short films.


Being fascinated by animated films and especially short films I always enjoyed creating animated characters. I usually jotted down ideas about characters and stories as they popped into my mind not knowing whether or not they will eventually turn into anything or not. I did this for years. I still do.

By 2016 I had a notebook that was filled with short film stories. I had it sectioned in two parts. “Long shorts” which would mean the short film would be 5 minutes or longer and “Short shorts” which would be a series a very short films about 2 minutes or less in length. Though longer stories wanted me to start on something bigger with deeper emotional tales, it was the “short shorts” that appealed to me. They revolve around comic and quirky characters with their own set of problems which I really liked. I decided to turn it into a series. “A is for Al….” is the first in the “Short shorts” series which became “The Mellifluous Peculiars” short film series.


“The Mellifluous Peculiars” is produced in my spare time. This means it is sometimes hard to stay on schedule even though the plan is to create a short film roughly every year depending on the complexity. With each film I try to experiment with something new. Be it story, animation, character design or environments in order to put something fresh into each film. The production progress for each film can be seen on my personal social media profiles such as Instagram and Twitter as well as on my blog.