B is for Ben: Ben base sculpt by Rok Andic

Finally started working on our hero character sculpt. I decided to do it a bit differently than the way I worked on “A is for Al….”.  On later I did the final sculpt in Zbrush, retopology in Houdini and then reprojected the details back on the retopologized model. The problem with that is that some details don’t necessarily stay the same when reprojected. This is the reason I decided to do a base mesh without high detail first and do retopology on this mesh. Once that is done I will work on the details on this model. This will help me speed up the work on the details of the model by working on them only once.

Apart from that, my workflow for creating the character is pretty straightforward. I start with base shapes like spheres and boxes and shape them to best  represent the character. These are merged together into shape via Zbrush Dynamesh. Then I simply work on the details.

Notice that I leave certain things unsculpted, like the mouth and inner parts of eyelids. I will do this in Houdini when I will be making the retopology of the model. I simply find it faster this way to work on interior shapes there, also it is easier to work on the base sculpt for me if there is no interior shapes to worry about.

Next stage - retopology in Houdini.