B is for Ben: Spaceship model and texture by Rok Andic

Spaceship model is done. Here are a few renders of the final textured model.


I modeled everything in Houdini. I used Houdini’s poly modeling tools to build everything and create UDIM UV sets. I used procedural approach in a few areas like inside the cockpit where there is a panel with lots of buttons. It would have been very hard to place every single one of those buttons there. But Houdini being procedural makes things like that very easy to do.

Once everything done I exported the model to Substance Painter for texturing.



In Substance Painter I textured the whole ship using UDIMs. A few places were a bit tricky because Substance Painter doesn’t allow painting across UDIM’s at this point. For the hull I used quite a few layers to create different kind of panels. Everyting textured I exported the textures back to Houdini where I rendered the final images.


360 Render of the final model

B is for Ben: 3D model texturing by Rok Andic

Here is the final textured model of Ben. If you look at the environment concepts post you can see that I initially had blue details in mind for his suite. I really liked that idea of contrast, but once I put it in 3d he just looked odd. He looked more like an aquanaut rather than an astronaut. So I started playing with warmer colors and decided for a more orange/brown colors for the suit details. It instantly looked better and his space suit didn’t look like it belonged underwater.

I also added some model details before I started texturing. I decided to add a small computer/button panel with straps on his chest. It looked a bit empty when I made the final sculpt so I added it just before going into texture. I was going back and forth with small gadgets and what would work and what not and in the end decided to stick with a small button panel.


I did all the texturing in Substance Painter. For initial fabric pattern I used Substance Designer and then added all the grit and dirt details in Substance Painter. I really like how patterns are easy to create in Designer and used as a base in Painter where I can add all the details. I am also one of those who uses a lot of layers. So whenever I add some scratching, tear or wear I always do everything on a separate layers so I can come back and remove every single effect if I need to. It also means that sometimes I just get lost in all those layers :)

When everything was painted I exported EXR UDIM’s to Houdini where I connected everything together to create the final look you can see below.