B is for Ben: Spaceship model and texture by Rok Andic

Spaceship model is done. Here are a few renders of the final textured model.


I modeled everything in Houdini. I used Houdini’s poly modeling tools to build everything and create UDIM UV sets. I used procedural approach in a few areas like inside the cockpit where there is a panel with lots of buttons. It would have been very hard to place every single one of those buttons there. But Houdini being procedural makes things like that very easy to do.

Once everything done I exported the model to Substance Painter for texturing.



In Substance Painter I textured the whole ship using UDIMs. A few places were a bit tricky because Substance Painter doesn’t allow painting across UDIM’s at this point. For the hull I used quite a few layers to create different kind of panels. Everyting textured I exported the textures back to Houdini where I rendered the final images.


360 Render of the final model

Matcha Girl by Rok Andic



I’ve been working mostly on ‘B is for Ben’ lately and I thought I just need a week or two off and do some sculpting practice. As it happens I’ve just received Ira Sluyterman van Langeweyde beautiful art book ‘Cozy Days’ when she posted a #drawthisinyourstyle challenge on her Instagram (@iraville) page. I thought it would be really fun to try and do a sculpt based on one of her characters. So this my version of the ‘Matcha Girl’.

The sculpt

I sculpted and posed the girl in ZBrush and tried to stay more or less true to the original design. I did make a few changes, most notably her lips have more shape because I found it worked better in 3d. There were a few things that were more noticeable only in 3d like her left arm (screen right) is a bit longer then her right arm if we looked at her from a different angle. But since I kept the angle of the camera similar to the original I decided to leave the arms as in the original painting. It simply works better. Don’t know why but it does :)

Once I finished the sculpt I exported it to Substance Painter where I textured the model. With textures I tried to keep a simple overall look and not overdo it with the details. I love the simplicity of forms in Ira’s work so I tried to leave the textures as simple as possible adding only pattern details in the clothing and basic colors. After that I exported the textures and rendered in Houdini together with the plants around her.

The hair


I’ve never styled any long hair in Houdini before so I thought this would be a great chance to try it. I tried many different approaches but in the end decided to split the hair into different blocks like left hair strand, front short hair, back hair, etc… and style them separately which allowed me to match the specific shape of each block. Houdini is really great in this regard as it allows you to build any hair shape required.

The plants and leaves

In the original painting the leaves were left to a more open interpretation. Since there’s a lot of detailed work on leaves and plants in ‘Cozy Days’ I decided to texture them based on the designs in the book. I modeled and built them procedurally in Houdini and textured in Substance Painter to achieve a more painterly look.

Now back to ‘B is for Ben’ :)