B is for Ben: Environment concepts by Rok Andic

Time to share a few concepts I created for “B is for Ben”. At this time I am still playing with color palette but for now I think I will go with the colors you see on the concept images below.

The planet

Our hero has landed on a desolated far away planet. That is why I went with the rocky, dry environment where there’s nothing but rocks. The planet is very analogous in colors as well, making it not so interesting and a bit dull environment to spend time in. Basically the idea is that our hero doesn’t have much to do in this environment. He is there but would rather just pack his bags and go someplace where the party is.

Our hero on a desolated planet.

Our hero on a desolated planet.


Design wise I wish this film to be more graphic rather than photorealistic. That means I am going to experiment more with texture and shapes. The rocks and clouds would get more graphic quality and everything would be a bit simplified. I am still experimenting with this so if it works or not I will see once I make the first 3d models and renders of the environment.


The color palette

Below are two images to show what I am considering in terms of color for this film. I am shifting colors here and there to see what works and what not. The orange/green is what I’ll most likely go with for the environment though I have been playing with the more purple/pink version as well. As I will make 3d rendered images I will play with colors again until I get the final look I am looking for.