B is for Ben: Storyboards / by Rok Andic

The storyboarding for “B is for Ben” is finished and I am sharing a bit of the process how I approached it on this film.

Storyboard sequence for “B is for Ben”.

Storyboard sequence for “B is for Ben”.

Keeping it simple

As you can see from the boards I keep it quite simple. All I want to see is staging and action and later timing once I put it into the editing program. I don’t bother with anything else. I don’t put much details into the background since they are not required at this stage. I rather focus on creating more ideas than having beautiful boards. There are a few sequences I boarded but will not be in the film. I just wanted to try them out to be sure whether they work or not. I find that creating a few extra boards doesn’t take that much time to create but can save a lot of time in the long run.


Instead of drawing boards on paper as I did on “A is for Al….” I decided to move to digital for storyboards. Though I love the feel of pencil on paper it is simply takes too much time to draw everything all the time instead of just copying and pasting from board to board and change simple details. Drawing on paper led to poorly detailed scenes at times and I decided to rather just go digital and recycle whenever I could to show details if needed.

I used a simple 3x4 template I created in Affinity photo that I imported into Procreate app where I drew everything. I absolutely love the Procreate app with Apple pencil. It has everything I needed for sketching and drawing and is not complicated to use. Actually it is really fun to use.

After drawing a set of boards I would export it back into Affinity photo and cut the template into individual boards, so that each board would be its own file. Those are imported into the editing program to create a storyboard animatic.

Off to animation layout

I know a lot of people go straight to animation layout but I still find it much faster and easier to quickly jot down ideas and see whether they work or not. I don’t have to have anything modeled or created at this point I can just draw whatever comes to my mind. In the end I see storyboarding as a preparation for animation layout and direction where everything is headed, not something set in stone that must be followed till the final film.

Storyboard templates

Just in case you are interested in the storyboard template and you would like to use it on your own film you can download it below in various formats:


Affinity Photo