B is for Ben / by Rok Andic

It’s new year and for me it’s time to start working on the next film in “The Mellifluous Peculiar” series. I have been thinking a lot about which film to start after “A is for Al….” and have decided for a comic, easy going sci-fi story I have written a few years ago. The title of the film is “B is for Ben” and the script is more or less finished. I’ll start preparing some concept art which I’ll post on this blog.

I should also note that with this film I’ll post as the film comes along. I started blogging at the end of “A is for Al….” and thus I could only present finished material of the finished film. With “B is for Ben” you can expect more “work-in-progress” material which means more raw material as it happens. Hopefully you will find this interesting and get a better look at making these short films.

Happy new year to everyone and hope you already work on some wonderful project. And if you don’t, why not make it happen by starting one of your own :)